Elderly Teeth in Good Health

What Your Mouth “Tells” Us About Health

Recent studies, including the Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health, confirm what our team has known for a long time. There are many connections between oral health and overall wellbeing. So many in fact, that your next dental visit can be the next best thing to a physical examination!

Your mouth is both an early warning system and a window to the health of your heart, your circulation, and your healthy well-being. A dental exam gives us the chance to recognize potentially serious conditions (certain cancers—especially oral cancer, diabetes, and more recently, AIDS)—even before they become apparent to your family physician. There’s an increasingly strong link between gum disease and the risk of heart problems and stroke.

That’s why dental appointments are so critical to schedule regularly. Dentists undergo training to recognize early warning signals and alert you to seek further treatment before the problem grows out of control.

You might just say that by looking into a mouth, we can save a life.